Here are some FAQ…

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Do you offer rental bikes?

At this time we don’t.  We will be adding that element into our options as time goes on.  You will need to have your own bike, in good working condition…check your tire pressure etc…  We will not have a SAG wagon or anyone to repair bikes so make sure your bikes are good to we can just worry about having fun!  

If you need to rent a bike here are two options: City Bicycle Works and Practical Cycle

What will guides provide on my cycle tour? 

Very cool facts about urban wall art in general, info about the national and international artists that are creating the amazing urban wall art that is Wide Open Walls 2017...and lots of fun! 

Can we take photos while on a cycle tour? 

Of course! That's part of the fun!  Click Away and be creative!  It's all about ART today!

Where should I eat and drink before/after the tour?

Depending on the group and which tour we’re doing, we’re flexible and can stop in the middle or after for a bite to eat and some libations!

Can kids come on the tour? 

We’re gearing our tours for 12 yrs old and up…but if you’d like to bring your younger children please make sure they know how to ride in traffic of downtown and midtown Sacramento.  There will be a liability waiver to sigh before you book a tour.  

What if I can't cycle the whole time? 

You should have a moderate level of fitness. We ride at a pretty casual pace.  No speed racer stuff lol, but rather just enjoying the tour and moving from one fantastic art piece to the next.  We’ll share some great tidbits of info about each artist and about urban wall art in general along the way…and if you have any questions…feel free to ask!  We want this to be informative but more importantly we want it to be FUN for everyone!  If you ever need to stop for a quick breather, please let your guide know.  

Do you offer longer tours? 

Our guided tours on the Calendar.  All are about 1 hr 40 min to 2 hrs but we can definitely personalize a tour for whatever distance you need. Contact us to set up a tour and discuss customer tour pricing for your group!

Do you offer shorter tours? 

Most tours run about 1 hr and 40 min.  We are able to do a shorter tour if you have a group of at least 20 people.

What should I bring with me? 

You may bring whatever you feel comfortable carrying for the length of your tour. We suggest you bring water and sunscreen, but otherwise, as little as possible: your phone/camera and perhaps some money (for after tour yummies wherever we might stop).  Sunscreen is probably a good idea too!  :) 

What should I wear? 

Comfortable cycling/workout clothes & tennis shoes. Wear what you'd sport during a personal workout or ride. And of course, dress appropriately for the weather.  Although it's not required by law, we would gently encourage you all to wear helmets (I where one no matter how far I cycle...just to be safe).

NOTE:  We want everyone to have a fantastic time during the guided mural tour and the perfect start to the tour is for all of us to make sure our bikes are in good working know...stuff like "make sure your tires have enough air in them... 

Do I tip the Guide?

Completely up to you! We absolutely love what they do and hopefully it will show. :).   So, tipping & the tip amount is at your discretion.  Again, if you had a blast and would love to tip…it’s always appreciated

Will the bike tour be cancelled if Sacramento has bad weather? 

Probably not. We’ll offer our tours rain or shine. Sacramento usually has some pretty beautiful weather. But, if some truly bad weather or emergency event occurs…ie tornados, flooding or lightening, you get the idea…) we’ll email you a cancellation notification and give you a full refund. :)